Tuesday, April 28, 2015

America: Imagine the World Without Her

John's Best Quips: 
"We don't want to live in a society where bad things happen to me. We must allow me to go free regardless of my mistakes." 

"In opposing every reform meant to offer human beings dignity, conservatives offer America the chance to demonstrate their greatness!"

   John and I pride ourselves on watching some pretty terrible movies, but those movies are usually just bad because the people involved  just didn't have the chops to make a movie. The script has lacked suitable structure or the budget just doesn't live up to the dream, but tragically today we fell into a truly vile pile of film that was attempting to fill the role of a spiritual flesh light to America's needy ego. Pandering isn't even in the realm of what this movies does for the empathy lacking subset of America. 

  The director Dinesh D'Souza spent the duration of the film contorting American history in any way possible to fit into the self serving rhetoric that America is always the best and has never done anyone any real harm. American tribes complain about the thievery of their land? Those same tribes took that land from someone else, so conquest theory plays out. Slavery has been one of the most horrible institutions that still causes great divide and strife in America today? Well, D'Souza explains, with a note of irritation, that there were black men who owned slaves and that the first American millionaire was a black female, so the civil right movement was a bit overblown. Really, the rich are suffering and struggling because the poor live the grand life of welfare queens while the rich have to build.every.single.item they own from pure scratch. 

  In my favorite part of the movie, D'Souza shows how large corporations are actually saving Americans money by charging them (and I am not kidding about this amount) $1.75 for a hamburger when it would cost them $2.75 to make their own at home. D'Souza's storytelling begins to completely degrade completely, ending on charts that connects any recognizable liberal person in a  Illuminate like conspiracy to bring down America.

  Oh wait, did D'Souza just say he went to jail for a small mistake? D'Souza's mention of his arrest, which involved the very serious charge of helping companies solicit  fraudulent  campaign funds, is mentioned so offhandedly and with no denial over your nana's screensaver. It then cut inexplicably to poorly done reenactments of Lincoln preparing solemnly for a performance at Ford's Theater and the events that transpired therein.
  Sadly, the most horrifying thing for both John and I is that people will watch this and believe it is true. Too often our chat box was quiet as existential horror swelled in both our hearts.  I felt many times through the movie this desire to hold John's hand for some sense of stability as lies upon lies assaulted us. If I had been holding his hand and squeezed it for every mis-truth, I am sure I would have crushed it a thousand times over. 


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