Saturday, March 5, 2011


John's best quip:
She's a saint.
Our Lady of the Burger King.

runner up:
Jennifer Anniston only boinks the mad.

watching this movie is watching the beginning of "quirky", but instead of very skillfully constructed quilt such as the royal tenenbaums, this movie more a very large blanket pieced together with hair, teeth, and magazine pictures with the eyes gouged out on a mental ward.

i think the film makers wanted to show at absolute love, a love that would go anywhere. instead, we are treated to a love that at best, seems like it was held back a year for eating wall "candy." maybe it would have worked, had the main actor (a definitive "hey its that guy") not taking manly acting cues from sling blade.

okie. so that's acceptable. boy meets girl at work, follows her to her homestate, then goes back home. movie should end with girl realizing boy is for her, and happily ever after.

oh no, this movie gives us meth teeth woody harrison who goes by the moniker jango. an ex punk who owns an upscale mansion in washington state while looking and maintaining friends who look like skinheads.

after various parachuting, romantic warbling of 'i feel like making love" outside a house, father son bonding, volleyball with monks, the movie finally ends in a predictable way.

maybe this is big in france?

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