Saturday, February 19, 2011

Drop Dead Diva (or How I Learned to Quit Mocking and Love This Bomb)

Drop Dead Diva isnt a movie par say, but there was something about it that spoke to me. skinny girl Deb dies in a car accident, and gets put into the potato lump that is Jane. this means it is time for :

  • skinny people who only eat grapefruit and three nuts: seriously hollywood? this cliche isnt funny anymore, its sad and it makes you look out of touch with any semblance of realit----oh well yeah
  • a world in which all fat people are smart and nice : jerry springer show
  • the idea that valley girl speech is still in: it's not. it hasnt been for 15 years. let it go, hollywood. let it go.

so yes, the pilot is bad. it is so bad that when i watched it with john, all we could do was repeat dialog back to each other like eternally damned parrots.

but it was easy to listen to while i did homework and somehow i am now on episode number 8. i even teared up at a scene, which could mean it worked what they were trying to get across or im hormonal. mind you, it is not high art, but the directions the characters are taking are getting better and better. i like the actors, the girl who plays Jane/Deb does a damn fine job that works really well. i like how they made Deb's old very pretty friend stick around and be friends with the new hybrid Jane/Deb. i also like to look at Margert Cho and wonder what the fuck is happening to her face. is she bleaching it? also into today's episode, one of her eyes was lower than the other.

so come for silly, stay for Cho's transformation into a cubist painting via Clorox.

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