Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Rite

I saw this in a theater, so I had to go this one alone.

for reasons unknown to me, both the ticket taker and the usher both told me it was a really good scary movie. since they were young, im going to assume this is based on a bad sense of taste that could have a chance later in life. i must be getting mellow in my old age, because afterward i didnt even have the gumpton to harp at them. it was pretty late getting out and i need sleep to return fruit at walmart because they charged me 3 cents more per pound than advertised.

this movie was at least three movies we've already seen before with the added bonus of making you bored during a horror movie. how sad is this in a movie that features the city of rome and a cat hoarding sir hopkins?

the main character is pretty smarmy. he blatantly says he is only going to ministry school because he wants to leave his po-dunk town and i guess wanted 100,000 dollars in student loans. seriously, thats how much it costs to be a preacher. john the baptist did it for free, ya'll. but i digress, from these statements you can tell he is a great planner. his transition from skeptic atheist to super priest is a subtle and elegant as walmart lighting, but follow it we must so we can get to anthony hopkins.

i would say poor anthony hopkins, except he is a grown man and knows what he was getting into. anyone who read that script would know its just a pale imatation of hannibal lecture. he did a nice job though. he back hands a little girl like a pro in a scene that was undeniably scary. of course, it is hard wired in all of us that when we see hopkins crazy face we back away slowly.

a weird complaint, but i was surprised by the lack of biting. not one person was bit in the entire movie. demons dont believe in using the chompers in close quarters anymore?


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